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Board of Directors

President - Charlie Teal

Vice President - John Flynn

Secretary - Jayne Lowe

Treasurer - Stu Sorensen

Peggy Pfeifer

Katy Henkel

Steve Hughes

Linda Lloyd

Bob Kronner

Ann Dahlke

Bill Long, Associate

Bob Brooks, Associate

Tom Pyatt, Associate

Jayne Lowe, Associate

The Bella Vista Foundation (The Foundation) is a public benefit and charitable corporation. The Foundation is recognized under the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)3 as a not-for-profit corporation, which allows for tax-deductible donations to be received. Its primary purpose is to provide support, financial and otherwise, to enhance the Bella Vista community, including but not limited to its amenities, facilities, recreation activities, community events and programs.

The Foundation was formed by community leaders to help members of the community and others marshall resources and make a difference in our community and the causes they care about. We partner with many individuals, businesses, organizations, and public entities to achieve these goals.

SPEAKERS AVAILABLE: If your Bella Vista organization needs a speaker, we would love to tell our story. If your organization is interested in a speaker, please email Steve Hughes at:




The Bella Vista Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, accepts and encourages donations, large and small, financial and otherwise, which will be used for the advancement of the purposes of the Foundation. All such donations may be claimed by the donor as a charitable contribution and therefore deductible from income taxes to the extent authorized by law.

Contributions from the following sources are encouraged:
Individuals - Individuals may contribute property, cash, checks and other financial instruments in any amount. The Foundation has the ability to aggregate smaller donations to provide a larger financial resource, which can support a larger-scale project in the community.

Testamentary Bequests - Provision may be made in wills and trusts for contributions to the Foundation. In addition, memorial gifts are encouraged.

Organizations and Businesses - Many organizations and businesses provide contributions to various causes in the community. Giving to the Foundation provides an opportunity for aggregating several such donations and ensuring the proper oversight of the funds.

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Application for Grant – The Foundation accepts and considers written applications for grants that are consistent with its purpose. In addition, the Foundation may initiate discussions with prospective grantees and encourage them to apply for a grant. The Foundation encourages applicants to initiate a contact for preliminary exploration of mutual interests. The Foundation may make grants to political sub-divisions but not to private individuals. The Foundation may make grants to non-501(c)3 entities provided that the benefit be primarily to the public and consistent with IRS guidelines for support of charitable activities.

Approval Process – All entities desiring a grant must submit a written request providing all the information required by the Proposer’s Instructions. The Board of Directors will consider all grant applications and may attach appropriate conditions to a prospective grant. Upon approval, the Board will execute a Grant Agreement.

Accountability – Cash grants will be in the form of a check, and may be paid in full or in partial payments. Grant funds may not be comingled with other funds but must be held in a separate identifiable account. The grant agreement may prescribe conditions and each grantee shall be required to provide a final report (financial and operational), and perhaps interim reports of the use of the grant funds, attested to by the responsible grantee officer. The accomplishments enabled by the grant shall be specifically described.


How We Function

The Foundation solicits and accepts contributions and donations, financial and otherwise, from individuals, businesses, organizations, and corporations. These resources are then used to enhance the Bella Vista community, including but not limited to its amenities, facilities, recreation activities, community events and programs. The Foundation thereby provides a means for numerous smaller donations to be aggregated and used for larger grants and purposes. Foundation donors may deduct their contributions from their federal and state taxes in accord with the IRS code 501(c)3.

The Foundation solicits proposals from other entities to provide support for programs and activities consistent with the stated purpose of the Foundation, and which enhance the Bella Vista community.

Grants may be for purposes initiated by the Foundation or proposed by other entities. The Foundation will monitor the use of its grants and recipient reporting is required.

The Foundation is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors. The officers of the corporation include a president (Charlie Teal), vice-president (John Flynn), secretary (Jayne Lowe), and treasurer (Stu Sorensen). The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of assets, and for conversion of assets of one type to another type. The Board is solely responsible for the control and use of the assets, but suggestions are welcomed.

Board of Directors

Charlie Teal


Tom Pyatt

Vice President

Bill Long


Frank Anderson


Jayne Lowe

Board Member

Bob Ritschel

Board Member

Stu Sorensen

Board Member

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Bella Vista

Bella Vista, Arkansas is a unique and diverse community of 30,078 active, involved residents who value the beautiful scenic setting of the Ozarks, and has the feeling of a village. They have access to a variety of amenities, including seven lakes, seven golf courses, a tennis center, trails, and numerous other recreational facilities.

The unique governance of the community involves three entities. The initial development was by Cooper Communities, Inc. in 1965, which retains some involvement. The Bella Vista Property Owner’s Association (POA) owns and is responsible for all of the amenities. The City of Bella Vista, which includes all residents, was incorporated in 2007 and is responsible for public services. These three entities, working together, maximize fiscal resources to provide improvement and development, while maintaining our unique social, cultural, and physical environment. The Foundation partners with all three of these entities.

Bella Vista recently was ranked one of America's Top 10 best Healthy Places to Retire by U.S. News & World Report, and one of the top 25 best places for affordable homes by both and Money Magazine.



What is the Foundation? The Foundation is an incorporated entity, governed by Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws certified by State and Federal governments. Foundations are generally formed to perform charitable activities by receiving contributions of money or property for the purpose of serving, via grants, specific charitable needs as defined in the Foundation’s purpose for existing. The Bella Vista Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in accordance with IRS rules, which provides that contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the contributor to the extent provided by law.

Who Manages the Funds? Funds for the Foundation are held in the name of the Foundation and administered by the Treasurer, who is accountable to the Board of Directors. Any collection and use of funds or properties are collectively managed by the Board of Directors and recorded in accordance with the Foundation Bylaws.

Are There Fees? The Foundation does not charge administrative fees. Thus, contributions are 100% used to support charitable projects.

Is My Contribution Safe? Funds will be managed conservatively by the Board of Directors in accord with IRS rules and generally accepted accounting practices.

How is Project Funding Determined? The Board of the Foundation considers all requests for grants. It will determine viability and the extent to which the Foundation can participate.

Are Small Contributions Useful and Accepted? Yes. The Foundation has the advantage of being able to aggregate smaller contributions from any and all sources in order to support a project, which may be beyond the ability of any single person, group, or business.

How does the Foundation Relate to the City and POA? The Foundation is an independent entity. It may partner with the City and POA on projects of mutual community interest, both in the raising of funds and the making of grants for such projects.

What Can I do? You can make a contribution to be held by the Foundation for future community projects. When the Foundation initiates a community project and solicits funds you can donate to that specific project.



Commemorative Trail Bench

Commenorative Trail Bench on Back Forty

Create a memorial for a loved one with a Commemorative Bench on the Back Forty Trails.

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History of the Commemorative Trail Bench.

Commemorative Trail Bench

Trail Park Bench

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Commemorative Trail Bench

Trail Park Bench

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Bella Vista Charity
Classic Golf Tournament

BV Charity  Classic Golf Tournament
2021 Charity Golf Classic

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Activities and Programs

Activities and Programs

Open House at Settler's Cabin

Open House at Settler's Cabin

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Fence Around Funk Cemetery

Fence around Funk Cemetery

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